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Dig deeper to learn more about Pivot Bio and our innovative ON Technology™.

Underneath the Science

What is ON Technology™ and how does it work?

Short for Optimized for Nutrients, ON Technology™ is our proprietary approach to nutrient management. At Pivot Bio, we use genetic material already present in a microbe to make nitrogen (and other nutrients) more available to crops. The selected microbes then go to work in the plant’s root system, increasing crop quality and yield.

What separates your technology from the competition?

Our scientists and researchers work at the microbial level to develop innovative and groundbreaking approaches to crop nutrition. Our unique approach allows us to identify, characterize and fine-tune microbes with the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen and then provide it to corn plants. Pivot Bio is fast establishing itself as a leader in this space, because of its proven technology, years of research and proprietary system.

How does your technology help crops get the microbes they need?

ON Technology™ microbes can be applied to seed as a seed treatment or in-furrow application at the time of planting.

You say that ON Technology™ is good for the environment. How?

It’s simple, really. ON Technology™ allows farmers to use less traditional fertilizer, which helps the environment by reducing runoff, volatilization and leaching.

Real-World Results

Can your approach provide additional nutrients for other crops?

Yes, in the future our proprietary ON Technology™ will be used to improve yield potential for a wide range of crops, including corn, wheat, sorghum and rice. Additionally, we will develop new ways for farmers to provide macronutrients — like phosphorus and potassium — as well as micronutrients crops need to thrive.

How does it perform in different types of soil or growing conditions?

To date, we’ve uncovered promising results in all tested soil types and growing conditions. We’ve found that supplying nutrients where and when crops need them most greatly reduces the risk of losses from adverse environmental conditions.

Can ON Technology™ work alongside other types of fertilizers?

Yes, its ability to work with traditional fertilizers is one of the things that make ON Technology™ such a breakthrough. Most cereal crop microbes automatically shut down nitrogen fixation when nitrogen fertilizer is applied. But our microbes continuously fix nitrogen to complement — and assist — farmers’ current fertilizer programs.

What kind of results have you seen so far?

In our lab, greenhouse and field trials, we’ve experienced outstanding results and are confident farmers will, too. We believe our microbe will be able to replace 50 to 75 pounds of nitrogen fertilizer per acre.

All About Pivot Bio

What is the story behind Pivot Bio?

Our story began nearly a decade ago, when the research efforts of Karsten Temme, Ph.D., and Alvin Tamsir, Ph.D., converged. With Karsten’s bioengineering background and Alvin’s molecular biology and computer programming experience, we were inspired to develop solutions that would positively impact our world by channeling our efforts on the agricultural landscape. Initially focusing on nitrogen fixation, the result of this unique collaboration was Pivot Bio, a biotech startup leveraging a deep understanding of microbial behavior to deliver innovative nutrient solutions to farmers.

What key roles do Pivot Bio employees play? What, if any, opportunities are available?

While our current team includes many scientists, Pivot Bio continues to staff for future success. We’re always looking to add talented new team members — from scientists and researchers to experts in business development, operations, formulations, sales and marketing, intellectual property, human resources, quality assurance and more. Find out more about career opportunities and openings at Pivot Bio.