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On the Ground from Winnipeg: 24th North American Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation Conference

Posted on 05/24/2018

By Karsten Temme, PhD, Pivot Bio CEO and co-founder

Visit https://www.nasnfc.site/ to learn more about this conference.

I was graciously invited to keynote the Agronomy and Agriculture of Nitrogen Fixation track and share insights from our Intent to Pivot program. Partnered with phenomenal growers, we are beta testing our first product across the Corn Belt. These trials evaluate the economic and environmental benefits of nitrogen-fixing microbes to maximize crop predictability and productivity.

Historically, farmers have relied on synthetic nitrogen produced via an energy-intensive process that is saddled with negative impacts to the environment and health of our soils. During my presentation, I’ll delve into how our scientific team at Pivot Bio uses a novel approach to crop nutrition and optimizes a microbe’s natural ability to produce the right amount of nitrogen when the plant needs it throughout the growing season. This has the potential to transform crop production in rapidly growing regions like China and India, where farmers lack sufficient fertilizer, as well as reduce synthetic nitrogen dependencies in major agriculture producers like the United States, Europe and Latin America.

The first plants emerge at one location in our Intent to Pivot program.


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Pivot Bio is a leader in the field of precision microbial adaptation. Our unique process is designed to realize the full potential of microbes at the genetic level, allowing farmers to change the way they provide nutrition to crops, reduce usage of fertilizers and provide a sustainable approach to feeding our world’s growing population. For more information, contact us at: