Hardworking microbes for hardworking farmers.

Every season, farmers face unpredictable growing conditions. Weather and other factors can keep up to half of the nitrogen applied to crops from being available to plants that need it.

That’s where Pivot Bio comes in. Our innovative ON Technology™ harnesses the innate ability of naturally occurring microbes to provide crops with nutrients right when they need it the most. It’s a game-changing approach that allows farmers to achieve crop yield potential with better environmental outcomes.

Proprietary ON Technology™: Flipping
the switch for nutrient uptake.

Our unique Optimized for Nutrients Technology combines a deep understanding of the crop microbiome, genetic sequence information and microbial behavior. The result is a groundbreaking process that enables microbes to increase nutrient uptake by crops. We’ve started by solving the toughest problem of all: nitrogen fixation in cereal crops.

ON Technology, also known as guided microbial remodeling, is a state-of-the-art process that identifies, characterizes and fine-tunes microbes to realize their full potential. We adjust the genetic material naturally present in a microbe to increase nutrient uptake by the crop. Better nutrient availability improves crop quality and yield potential.


Though our ON Technology is scientifically rigorous and complex, the thinking behind our process is relatively simple. Here’s how we’re applying guided microbial remodeling to nitrogen fixation in corn crops to create better solutions for farmers:

Step 1:

Collect diverse soils to isolate and identify millions of microbes. In the process, we create a sophisticated map of the soil microbiome.

Step 2:

Determine if key microbes have the genetic potential to fix atmospheric nitrogen and live in a symbiotic relationship with corn.

Step 3:

Precisely fine-tune these microbes so they release nitrogen to the corn plant.



In rigorous field trials and scientific studies, we’ve demonstrated how ON Technology leads to increased corn yields with less fertilizer use. All with even bigger possibilities on the horizon. Our guided microbial remodeling process can provide a significant and increasing amount of nutrients like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in many crops.


Our microbes reach the field as a seed treatment or in-furrow application. As the seed germinates, these microbes grow in synergy with the crop root system and fix atmospheric nitrogen during critical growth periods. Because the microbes live in symbiosis with the crop, they are not washed away by adverse environmental conditions or affected by variable topography, soil texture and organic matter.
From strengthening the food system to providing economic benefits for farmers in a way that helps protect the environment, our goal is to make a lasting impact on the world around us
—Karsten Temme, CEO and Co-Founder of Pivot Bio

Better microbes, healthier planet.

At Pivot Bio, we are inspired by the idea that today’s agricultural innovations can bring about meaningful change for generations to come. We believe our ON Technology will help farmers increase profitability, while decreasing inputs and reducing environmental impact.

In fact, by increasing yield in a variety of growing conditions, crop nutrient innovations like ON Technology can help farmers meet their fertilizer needs — and protect our planet’s most valuable resources.